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1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Today at 09:51:10 AM »
Worked on the other side (LHS), closer pic of the bolt holes, higher up the bogey – 88948-0 – this means the bolts are sufficiently above the floor to allow nuts to be added – 88950-188952-2– whereas that earlier one – 88954-3 – the bolts were too close to the floor – 88956-4 – need to re do this
Bolted on the final drive case – 88958-5 – whole side done – 88960-688962-788964-8– the tank now sits level – 88966-988968-10–
Something that became evident while working on the bogies – need to bevel the edges of the bogies & the bump stops, as they tend to catch the swing arm bolts – 88970-11 – I’ve also countersunk the holes in the bogeys to which the swing arms attach – noticed that the road wheel rubbed against the bolt head.

For Sale / Re: Trojca Tiger 1 1942-1943 & other stuff for sale.
« Last post by chappie on Yesterday at 10:12:28 PM »
No worries Brendon, send me your postal info and I'll get a quote for you.
New Products / Re: A couple of new 1/16 items
« Last post by Panzerocket on Yesterday at 09:25:57 PM »
Wow. That figure looks like a fantastic casting.
Zoomed in on my phone,  the more I zoomed...the better it looked.
He could be the colonel from apocalypse now at a pinch as well. I forget his name.
R/C Models / Re: Trumpeter US MaxxPro MRAP Build and RC Conversion
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on Yesterday at 08:32:28 PM »
Thanks gents,

Thanks Andy, nothing great and it works though very basic. At least I'll have as near as cheapest way to convert to RC, I do have several upgrades in mind for a better runner. For now it's good enough... :D

Ed, yes and yes, though my second is going to the M 153/M-ATV. These things are so cheap you can bash them into anything. For a very rudimentary RC 1/16 truck they are fine, just don't expect high end performance. Bang for buck F'ing great to mod.

Wish Trumpeter did softer tyres for this, logic would be so you get the correct tyre sag especially for static etc etc. Dumb move Trumpeter... :o :o ::) ::) are on, wow that was fun, the gait/gauge for the wheel set on the axles is close enough gauged from the kit diffs. So on with some more upper stuff... :D


New Products / A couple of new 1/16 items
« Last post by thegunny on Yesterday at 08:31:03 PM »
Here's a couple of new 1/16 items up for pre-order in Japan at the moment.

Want a different US tank commander? Here's Humphrey :-) It's supposed to be Humphrey Bogart from the film Sahara. Looks more like James Belushi in the remake to me.

Want a Japanese tankette? Look no further. Might be a squeeze to convert to RC but for some of the stars here it might be "not so squeezy" ;-)
2A6 MBT Leopard / Re: Swedish Leopard 2A7
« Last post by Mark on Yesterday at 01:23:43 PM »
Damn, this is going to be a real beast mate

Agreed - looking forward to seeing more of this one.

I will be keen to hear your feedback on the metal lower from King Kong RC mate. Might need one of these for my A6  ;D
1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Yesterday at 12:48:43 PM »
You’ll recall I was a bit disappointed that the Horstmann bogies are not bolt on like the originals?
Thought about that & experimented – 88928-0 – used M2.5 X 6mm button heads, though in that first installation the bolts were a bit too close to the bottom of the hull.
Thinking about this, wondered if I could do similar with the Final Drive cases – 88930-188932-288934-3.

Finished installing the 2nd & 3rd bogeys, bolts a bit higher up on these – 88936-488938-5–

Still the other side to do.

1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Yesterday at 12:45:13 PM »
More done, the weekend before last I ran into a problem, these – 88908-0 – the internal adapter rings to allow for the sloped side walls – they go on the end of the double roller mounts – 88910-188912-2– however, with the use of the hex standoffs, they’re a larger diameter than the centre hole.

In theory it’s an easy fix, just drill it out to the right size….. the problem became apparent when I applied the drill – could not hold the ring in place, so it turned with the drill, tried various vices & pliers, but it would just twist out. Tried melting a larger hole, but ran out of gas for my burner.

What I eventually came up with was to glue the rings in place – 88914-388916-488918-588920-688922-7– wait 24 hrs and then drill – worked like a charm.
Bolted the rollers in place, tightening them with my palm ratchet – 88924-888926-9–

R/C Models / Re: Trumpeter US MaxxPro MRAP Build and RC Conversion
« Last post by Majordisastor on Yesterday at 08:04:34 AM »
K'n hell...this is a really tidy build you have on the go here.

I think you have really started to blaze a trail with this one!!

Andy  8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Members Gallery / Re: Reapers collection New Pics 24/8/16
« Last post by Reaps 332 on Yesterday at 08:01:57 AM »
Hey Ed sorry mate the figures were painted by a couple of good friends of mine ...

Cheers Ken
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