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Author Topic: Military Collectables," international directory of 20th century militaria"  (Read 50 times)

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I bought a number of these books years ago when they were on sale. The book is published by Salamandar Books in 1983. The book is to me unusual as it could be mistaken for a coffee table style of book instead of a reference book and this is why, it covers a wide range of Militaria and is not too in depth on the subject matter as it would be impossible to publish such a book, but it's charm comes from the clear and numerous colour photos ( which other serious reference books sometimes lack) all the pictures have the authoritative text describing them, also each chapter has a reasonable introduction to the subject matter at hand.The contents of the book are modern militaria, edge weapons, metal insignia, medals, military headgear, cloth insignia, firearms and ammunition, printed militaria and military miscellanea. This book is the one i go to to identify some items that i have picked up, as a quick reference and then if need be research the item in more specialized publications. This a very good book and can be applied to visual research for modelling projects.

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Re: Military Collectables," international directory of 20th century militaria"
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Mmmmm interesting  8)
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