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Author Topic: Lord Howe Island Visitors  (Read 122 times)

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Lord Howe Island Visitors
« on: September 03, 2017, 05:10:40 PM »
I have been a plane nut since a young age and I'm lucky to live on an island that gets lots of interesting visitors,
I have posted these pic's on an aviation forum that I frequent thought I would share them with you tanker folk!

The Royal Australian Navy Ship Melbourne showed up today, onboard her S-70B-2 Seahawk, they where testing some
new antennas, you can just see a small orange bracket in front of the windscreen where they are mounted.

The boys kindly came over nice and close on departure.

The antenna bracket is more obvious in this pic.

Some days are just great, in 26 years living on Lord Howe island I have had a
bit of a quest. I have wished and waited for the day when a pic of one of the
ex RNZAF Harvards passing through the island would appear before my eyes! 

This morning my quest was fulfilled, NZ1061 on Lord Howe Island on her way
to a new home in Australia. Turns out I also would have seen this machine in
service as I remember the day they retired as a young lad my dad took me to
see there last flight over Christchurch, where I grew up,  NZ1061 flew in that
final flyby formation. On 24/6/77 she was sold and registered as ZK-ENH, took
off from Auckland on 15/4/79.  So guessing these picís would have been taken
not long after this date.

You can just see alongside where I have attempted to delete a mark on the image
the crank handle for manual start is fitted into the cowl, also looks like she has had
the rudder recovered or at least re-painted.

Another thing of note looks like the roundel on the port wing is missing?

Another nice action shot I have aquired a ZK registered Widgeon canít date it sorry?

Finally the first Dash 8 100 that visited on her trial, non passenger carrying flight
some time around 1982, note the Canadian rego.

Bit of a catch up, BK117 was here a while back, used for taken weeders
in to pull out exotic vegetation that threaten the native species, expensive
weed machine!

Didnít get closer than this pic for this pair, pretty sure they headed east?

Not my shot, in briefly for fuel and gone.

Finally an arty shot of two of the regular Dash 8-200s.

Bit of diversity, all visited this week!

Didnít meet the pilots of the above but did have a bit of a chat with Stephen Boyce
who along with his son along for the ride was ferrying this XL750. The aircraft was
on itís way from New Guinea to New Zealand, took off this morning around 7.30am
Lord Howe time and flew direct to New Zealand I think New Plymouth with all going
to plan a flight time of around six and a half hours!

Didnít know he was going to do this, Steve kindly rolled the aeroplane towards
the camera as he flew past the mountains.

This chap came by for fuel last week

Unusual rego on this one in and out briefly, again fuel and go.

Will get to the bottom of this Iím guessing with F rego she came from Tahiti perhaps?

Donít know how I forgot but a C130 came out to play a couple of weeks ago.

This Cessna 337F arrived around 12.30pm yesterday and took off around 9am
this morning for Norfolk island bound for a new home in NZ. Sheís a mature
old girl according to the net she was manufactered in France in 1971!

Couple on there way to NZ via Norfolk the XL took off around 11.15am yesterday
and the Cheyenne around half an hour later.

VH-BUR itís been said before those Cheyennes have huge tails.

Local RPT Qantas Dash 8 100 climbing out on her way to Sydney.

This Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Squirrel VH-HRU on the island to squirt weeds, 

Kiwi C130 H, this Hercules NZ 7002 is 52 year young! Call sign Kiwi 303 overflew
today around 1.45pm, she had flown from Cairns via Lord Howe Island and on to
her home base at Whenuapai her home base on New Zealand's north Island.

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Re: Lord Howe Island Visitors
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2017, 05:43:23 PM »
Great pics and looks like a brilliant place to live.
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Re: Lord Howe Island Visitors
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2017, 09:13:24 PM »
Wow so cool thanks mate  8)  my office window looks out towards the north south runway at Canberra airport I too get to see some tasty things C 130, C 17, Sky-hawks, Roulette's they have come in formation and spit with smoke at the end of the runway and once saw a Hawk Lead in fighter and two super hornets do a low level pass at full noise, very cool! so yeah a bit but not as close as you get mate thanks for sharing  8)
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Re: Lord Howe Island Visitors
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2017, 05:15:29 PM »
Very green with envy mate!. :' :(
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