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This is a great figure and the sculpts( Arnold Schwarzenegger )are very good hand painted with red Led left eyes on both sculpts which stay on for 40 minutes before turning themselves off and the base lights up with lights that have limited movement (all that is needed to show off the figure) and the base is well detailed.This figure has heaps of accessories with a extra sculpt, 4 sets of gloved hands and one individual gun hand plus a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol w/scope, a revolver and a pair of sunglasses and also the base as well as the clothes he is wearing.The figure has holes from being shot through the shirt and when lifted the wounds can be seen on the torso and the leather jacket has damaged on the back like in the movie and the body has 30 points of articulation.With all the extras another figure can be set up as you can see in the pics, the extra figures can be sourced on the net as the extra clothing and just add the extra head and weapons and you have the extra figure to go with this one for your Terminator collection ( use different scenes from the same movie).
Wanted / MOVED: Mato Sherman M4A1
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on Yesterday at 01:11:45 PM »
1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by wobbly on Yesterday at 01:00:24 PM »
Struth Mal you have the patience of a saint  8)
1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Yesterday at 11:06:02 AM »
3 of the 4 single return rollers bolted in – 90238-090240-1– the front left one still has the plastic unit, but is really hard to access due to the hull brace & glacis.
Have cut off the collars & heat shrink for now, might try to fit a larger diameter brass tube over the whole thing.
Also started on the GTL support bracket, added an extra bit of 1mm sheet between the supports – 90242-2 - & more kits parts excised, added M1 eye bolt & ally tube – 90244-390246-4– checked my ref book  - 90248-5 – specifically the GTL page – 90250-6 – with double decker star handle, the kit provides a single decker one, so, thought of a way to do this, using the 2 hole punch & 1mm sheet – 90252-7 – drilled a hole, then using the kit star as template, marked where the indents should be, then cut the indents with the dremel – 90254-8 – ending up with this – 90256-9 – pins will be replaced with bolts.
Also noticed & removed slivers of plastic between engine covers – 90258-1090260-11
A couple of my Cent ref books – 90262-1290264-1390266-14-

1/16 Scale / Re: Christian Ludwig Centurion Mk III - 1/16th
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Yesterday at 10:55:08 AM »
Pics of the prob with the single roller – 90214-090216-1– placed the bearing, collar & heatshrink in a tub of hot water, however as it shrank, it pulled the rubber off the edge. Think the solution is to clamp it in place, before adding the hot water.
Also started on the skirt supports – they’re a little tricky as the top plate looks symmetrical – but isn’t, 1st attempt left an overhang one end & a gap the other end, carefully pried it apart & reglued it the other way round – 90218-2 - The end piece also fits at a peculiar angle – due to the angled hull side – 90220-3– 3 done & dry fitted – 90222-4 –
Bolted in 7 of the 8 double return rollers (previously dry fit) – 90224-590226-6-  8th one was bolted already but has come loose & resisting efforts to retighten. Middle Horstmann bogies bolted on (M2.5 X 6mm button head) – 90228-790230-890232-9– third bolt added – 90234-1090236-11– for extra security, intend to cover the hole with PLA paper.

Challenger 2 / Re: Challenger 2
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Yesterday at 10:18:48 AM »
From 18 October to 12 December is not slow progress for what you are accomplishing, especially compared to my rate of work.  I too find the camouflage interesting.  Then, too, for what effect will you use the Tomato Catsup with sugar? ;) ;D
General Discussion / Re: Mato Sherman M4A1
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Yesterday at 10:07:34 AM »
Biff, thank you for your careful and helpful response to my question.  Actually, I think you are referring to the plastic Mato Sherman; whereas, I was thinking of the all-metal Mato Sherman which does use either a Clark board or something very like a Clark board.

When I asked about your replacing the Mato Sherman board, I had a metal Mato M-10 with the Clark (or similar) board.  Unfortunately---most unfortunately---that Mato M-10 had given me nothing but troubles since it arrived (damaged) much earlier this year.  I won't list all the problems, but the final problem was the smoking board. :( .  (Interestingly, this happened on December 7, what here in the States is called Pearl Harbor Day.)  When I looked at the cost of replacing the faulty servo, broken accessories, broken hatches, and then the fried board, I decided not to send more good money after bad. I have torn down what I could save to use for other US tanks.  From this experience I have learned to be careful about buying directly from China, particularly when the price is low enough to be attractive, but still high.
Challenger 2 / Re: Challenger 2
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on Yesterday at 01:25:40 AM »
Looks great Stian.... 8) 8) 8)
Challenger 2 / Re: Challenger 2
« Last post by maxmekker on December 13, 2017, 10:03:11 PM »
Damn slow progress , but got it done, and ready for Wash/Oils/'weathering'

Panzer IV / Re: Sd.kfz 166 Brummbδr late
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on December 13, 2017, 08:31:41 PM »
Top work Harry.... 8) 8) 8)
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