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General Discussion / Re: Tiger 205 Micheal Wittmann
« Last post by pkdiorama on Today at 04:26:02 PM »
Thanks Biff in my book TIC 2  it shows 2nd company of 101 tiger 221 has red numbers with white out line as does my model 222 and 223 as well as 231 pic of it being towed , the 3rd company of 101 had the blue with yellow border as in TIC 2 so this would rule that out ? the only 2 pics of 205 on road trip to Normandy the numbers look thicker than the other 2nd company Tigers like they were solid ?205 was Wittmanns tank and as he was photographed sitting on 88main gun not as forces of valor have done on there model of 007.  222 at Villers - Bocage still a lot of debate some say 231 but i will stick with 222, Dont know if any one else has posted detailed shots of this model ? if not and if any one would be interested will get camera out on weekend and post, Cheers Pete.
But it's inferred controlled so it must be good :o
1/6 Scale Figures / US Tankers
« Last post by wobbly on Today at 02:27:44 PM »
All I have finally managed to get a proper US tanker some may recall the one I kit bashed a while ago, well not only found one but two the first is a Dragon figure "Mac" the second is 21st Century tank commander that has a head sculpt of Tele Savalas so before pretty boy Brad Pitt there was Tele starring in such movies Battle of the Bulge Sgt Guffy as depicted here, Kelly's Heroes and the Dirty Dozen as well as a multitude of Westerns and probably best remembered as Kojak from the  TV series of the same name. I did the Dragon figure with out jacket so as to show the tanker issued overalls the jacket actually used on the Kojak figure as it had the Sgt stripes, the 50 cal was from the Dragon figure. so a bit of sharing around for the best results I just need to chase up a netted M1 helmet and a Thompson SMG to do the character M Sgt Big Joe from Kelly's Heroes pics to follow when I achieve that
1/6 Scale Figures / General Robert E Lee
« Last post by wobbly on Today at 02:17:14 PM »
All first of my Confederate figures Robert Edward Lee from Brothers in Arms collection nice figure though weapons are plastic but still good looking figure, hope you enjoy W  8)
Members Gallery / Re: My M41
« Last post by Stang on Today at 02:01:28 PM »
Hi Mal.
Yep. Friend saw mine and requested same but with different numbering obviously. My reels and gun lock hopefully somewhere over Pacific at moment.
Thought about the muzzle brake but wanted to wait and see what you thought. Was a bit concerned about the rifling impeding the bbs as I wanted to retain the airsoft feature, and after reading your post have decided to leave as is. May think about the rear light covers though.
Cheers. Stan G.
Members Gallery / Re: My M41
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Today at 01:12:28 PM »
Hi Stan
Hadn't realised you were adding Simfire to both vehicles - impressed. Did your Muzzlebrakes & reels turn up? Heard from the designer today, he's going to rework the designs.

Members Gallery / Re: My M41
« Last post by wobbly on Today at 12:41:57 PM »
Yeah nice one of our members Chris RC'd one of those little jiggers very cool  8)
For Sale / Re: SIX unussed sets of Plastic Tracks for sale
« Last post by Anthony on Today at 11:20:03 AM »
Remaining tracks are with $5.00 post each, it will be more but I will pay it.


General Discussion / Re: Tiger 205 Micheal Wittmann
« Last post by biff131 on Today at 11:19:02 AM »
gday Pete
According to the information in my book, German Panzer Markings from war time photographs by Ian Baxter, the colour of the numbers on Wittmans tank 205 is blue outlined in yellow. These colours were standard for tanks from 2./schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 101 in Normandy prior to that operation the numbers were solid white as shown in photo's from Tigers in Combat II
Tank 205 was Wittmans command tank but when he was at Villers-Bocage he used tank 222 and when he was killed he was in tank 007.
Hope this helps.
Happy tankin
Biff  8) 
1/9-16 Scale / Re: Simfire
« Last post by AFV Aficionado on Today at 10:14:51 AM »
Started on the fitting itself, used the rectangular tube that I used on the detector units 91331-0 cut a side off the smaller piece & attached it to the larger bit, added an L Angle shelf for the pyro (smoke bomb).
The smaller piece should be flat, but I left an angle on it to improve strength. Added the thick round bit below the shelf.
Cut a length of ally tube to sit the beacon stalk in 91333-191335-2 then added a short length of styrene tube, for the ally tube to locate into, then with beacon added 91337-3 added a piece of L angle to block off the open end 91339-4 fitted to the turret 91341-591343-6 added the bolt detail-  3 holes & 3 hex head bolts 91345-791347-8 the fitting looks to be attached to the pintle by 2 U bolts - 91349-9- so made a double one from wire 91351-10 added a little more detail 91353-11
Still need to add the retention band for the smoke bomb.

Got some Evergreen L Angle 4.8mm (Part 296) to make the turret mounting brackets for the Detector units. The front most detectors are attached to  the upper L angle that looks to be bolted between  the forward handholds, with a length of 4X2 timber as backing inside the handholds. The rearward detectors look to attach to a pair of short L Angle pieces bolted together either side of the rear turret lifting eye.

To make the 4X2, took some iceblock sticks & glued 2 together with PVA, clamped them together for 48hrs to dry 91355-12 -  4X2 in 1/16th is 6mm X 3mm approx., so I could get 3 lengths out of a short length (20mm approx.) of iceblock stick 91357-13
Mated the 4X2 & L angle together by drilling 1mm holes in both & adding 1mm Hex Head bolts 91359-14 Actually fitting these the fiddly bit will come later.

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