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General Discussion / Re: new parts and no idea
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Today at 03:13:51 AM »
Please do not apologize, "Monty."  Your questions and photos, and the helpful responses you get are exactly one of the most important purposes of Hobby Havoc.  I am watching and learning from you questions.
General Discussion / Re: Bench
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Today at 03:08:43 AM »
I am glad you took photos of your new, clean, empty workbench--for it will not be so for long.  Just look at all that happened to mine in a short time  Soon you will want even more room, so it will be time for an addition onto the garage. ;)
General Discussion / Re: Tank Show at Gratton Field
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Today at 03:03:00 AM »
Oh, what fun, with a great house flambeau.  In fact, apart from the great AFVs, I am jealous of the houses.  Thanks for the photos.  Do it again, soon!
Panzergruppe South / Re: Big Boys Toys
« Last post by Herr Dr. Professor on Today at 02:59:24 AM »
What an enjoyable variety of activities and goodies to see.  Would that I could afford to travel!  Sigh :( :'(
M1A2 ABRAMS / M1 Abrams ....An early version Deployed in Germany.
« Last post by Majordisastor on Yesterday at 11:20:32 PM »
Yep, As the title says this will be a build of an early Abrams Tank.

I was trying to decide exactly what version and level of additional armour and extra offensive/defensive kit to weigh the Abrams down with.

Pulling pictures off the net and doing a bit of homework soon showed there are more variants than I expected. I admit to being at a bit of a loss where modern armour is involved at the moment, and it all seemed a bit much untill I delved into the build history of the tank itself.

After that all the models and upgrades seemed to pop into place. I work on the principle that its a modern Tiger 1 tank. and all the twists and turns reflected increased demands of combat and counter measures to counter things on the battlefield that would try to ruin your day. Easy really.


I admit this was almost starting to get a bit out of hand ...

Abrams addiction here we come...

I even have a Hooby Engine Abrams bought to scavange from as well. This might well form a basis of another build after I have taken off a few bits.

Anyway, the subject of this build will be an early version M1, a short turret version as deployed in the 1980's in Germany.

I chose it as its the best uncluttered, uncomplicated version of the M1 series.

Snag is it also sports a diffent main gun, 105mm as opposed to the 120mm of the later upgrades have.   Joy !!

Starting point.

I Aquired the lower hull of a Heng Long Abrams.

Wheels, gearboxs rear panel and a smoker ...

I did intend to plonk the Hobby Engine upper on the Heng Long lower - but - I felt it would be too much work to correct and backdate the Hobby Version - so "Collateral Damage" will escape any damage and will live to fight another day ..

Plan B.

There is always a plan B.

Here it is ...

Heng long upper ...

Now the fun can begin ....


Sturmtiger / Re: Sturmtiger !!
« Last post by Majordisastor on Yesterday at 09:48:29 PM »
So ......

Time to address some dull interior work....

I decided to fit an inner tray that would support all the electrics and incorporate a speaker as well.

It fits in here ....

Like so....

Starting to add a speaker as well..

Here we are ...taken from a scrap flat screen television, its exactly the same as the one Tamiya use.

Starting to take shape a bit now ...

Thought it might be prudent to add a cover to protect the speaker cone.

Plastic card, superglue and a cut up fat guard for a frying pan seemed to do the job.

Whilst I was at it I decided to add an intake fan as well.

More to come .....

Andy  :)

General Discussion / Re: back after absence
« Last post by Majordisastor on Yesterday at 09:17:05 PM »
Its a tough path you are on Monty so I wish you and your wife well during this peroid.

Pick and build/post as and when you can - treat as an escape from real life rather than a chore.

It should be all about fun here ...

General Discussion / Re: new parts and no idea
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on Yesterday at 08:05:46 PM »
LOL not necessary on the name change mate, we've all been there. Don't stress I can steer you through... ;)

General Discussion / Re: new parts and no idea
« Last post by monty on Yesterday at 08:00:10 PM »
Thanks Damo I think I will change my user name to sir thick as bricks and now another question how do these go together
General Discussion / Re: Bench
« Last post by monty on Yesterday at 07:40:16 PM »
Whos a lucky chappie I am jealous regards Chris
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