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Challenger 2 / Re: Challenger 2
« Last post by maxmekker on Today at 10:03:11 PM »
Damn slow progress , but got it done, and ready for Wash/Oils/'weathering'

Panzer IV / Re: Sd.kfz 166 Brummbär late
« Last post by Leo 2A6 on Today at 08:31:41 PM »
Top work Harry.... 8) 8) 8)
General Discussion / Re: Pershing tank 1/16 H.L
« Last post by pkdiorama on Today at 05:31:37 PM »
Thanks Ken I am happy to pay for muzzle and if you need any small side arms for your 120mm tanker figs getting some molded as well as other items canteens etc let me know happy to send you some Cheers Pete,
Helmets of the First World War, Germany, Britain & their allies, Michael J Haselgrove & Branislav Radovic. A Schiffer Military History Book.2000, 290 pp, over 500 photos. Fantastic reference book with excellent full colour photos, with multiple full views and excellent detailed photos, covering Germany,Britain France, United States, Turkey ,Austria, and others with over 150 helmets and with previously unpublished photos of how the helmets were worn. plenty of variation of paint patterns (camo patterns) with detailed photos of the liners, chin straps and manufacturers marks . If you are a modeler or a WW1 buff or a Militaria Collector, then this is a must, another great book to add to your reference library.
Panzer IV / Re: Sd.kfz 166 Brummbär late
« Last post by the DirtyHarry on Today at 03:41:46 AM »
Thanks for your comments. ;D

The chain plates were broadened, was also seen in some Stug`s.

Why was not to learn but I think so that no rebounding explosives were directed through the side wall of the body and side skirts on the drive.

When IVer this space is covered with the Thomas aprons with mesh.

Underneath came the brass holders of the side skirts.

Then the brackets again made of brass so it is stable.

After the side rails were adjusted, they were glued on poly.

And tailored.

And done

Grown and screwed.

General Discussion / Re: Pershing tank 1/16 H.L
« Last post by Reaps 332 on Yesterday at 11:49:28 AM »
Yeah , I guess the is made for a replacement to the standard one and maybe they think you can use the one off your original cause I think the barrel is primarily made to fit the tamiya Pershing.
I will have a look in my spares box at home pretty I have a tamiya Pershing muzzle break, if I do you can have it for the cost of postage to you.

Cheers Ken
For Sale / Re: Trojca Tiger 1 1942-1943 & other stuff for sale.
« Last post by biff131 on Yesterday at 11:43:52 AM »
Gay Von
I noticed that after I posted. lucky boy I will just as happy if I get the other two books
Biff 8)
Wanted / Re: Mato Sherman M4A1
« Last post by biff131 on Yesterday at 11:40:45 AM »
Gday Ed
I removed all of the mato M4A1 sherman's electronics and replaced it with the latest heng long 2.4 ghz system (Heng Long 2.4 ghz control and MFU kit part no. HL2.4ghz Kit-4). I even swapped the mato motors with heng long motors.
There was no  clark sound board in this tank, just standard Mato M4A1 rx board, but  the clark sound board can be installed as this system now a standard 2.4ghz heng long.
I installed the Heng Long V4 8 pin connector board (part no. HL 3938-003) and soldered a 2 pin connection ( for head lights) onto the bottom of the 3 pin machine gun plug. tail lights were rerouted to plug directly into reciever board. I utilised the HL/ taigen cable set (part no. TAG 120611) to get power to the right place and resoldered all of the connections in turret.
The conversion is pretty much a plug and play with a little bit of soldering to ensure strong connection.
All parts were supplied by Ozarmour (thanks Mark) and the cost is $80-$90.
Hapy Tankin
Biff 8)
Picture 1 2.4ghz version 4
Picture 2 2.4ghz reciever
Picture 3 HL V4 connector
Picture 4 M4A1 rx board
Picture 5 wiring kit
Picture 6 Atx 2.4ghz operations
Picture 7 M4A1 interior
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